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RillFEM3.0 is multi-physical FEM (Finite Element Method) software working under OS Win9x,W2k. Nearly everybody can easy solve by RillFEM several physical problems and physical problems together like coupled problems.

RillFEM like others simulation softwares consist of a pre-processor, a solver and a post-processor.

The pre-processor is based on minimal user knowledge and it don't require huge mastering of the solved field.

The solver is independent of the pre-processor and it is possible to use batch to solve several problems together.  

The post-processor can display solved value on surface and on line as well.

The program communication is based on txt files that allow complete overview of the solved physical problem.






Free Download:
RillFEM 3.0 (1000 nodes)




Free version of RillFEM3.0 use mesh generator TRIANGLE v3.1 (A Two-Dimensional Quality Mesh Generator and Delaunay Triangulator v1.3). This must be used with a licence agreement (informations, licence and download TRIANGLE v3.1).